David Wallack

David Wallack was born on December 1, 1948, in New York City, the middle child of Ian and Florence Wallack. At age seven, the family moved to Miami Beach, where he grew up with his sisters and cousins roller skating every block of South Beach, hula-hooping and building castles in the sand.

As a young college student at the University of Miami, David was drawn to the magical confluence of Artists, Holistic Healers, and Spiritual influences in the heyday of Coconut Grove. He graduated from the University of Miami, with honors, in 1972, and the University of Miami Law School in 1977; after which he became a member of The Florida Bar. He married his college sweetheart and had two children, his daughter, Janna, and his son Joshua.

In 1976, while clerking for a law firm representing several S Florida hospitals, David became interested in his first entrepreneurial venture. After analyzing a new law defining Adult Congregate Living Facilities, his family committed to converting two adjoining residential buildings at 900 Ocean Drive, into the first commercially based ACLF, a personal care residence for elderly people. Opening in 1978, The Eastern Sun was the first facility of its kind in the state of Florida.

The Eastern Sun was ground breaking! David brought back pastel colors, murals and landscaping, infusing vibrant life back into the business of Homes for the Elderly. The Eastern Sun flourished with New Age Holistic Philosophy, a cleaner diet, stimulating activities, music, and massage, involving his own family, and the families of the residents, in a celebration of life. The Eastern Sun was the first in Florida to pioneer Hospice, Hurricane Evacuation of the elderly, and the Signature Eastern Sun Bus, gaily painted orange and yellow, regularly whisking the residents in their matching orange and yellow T-shirts and sun hats to Hialeah Race Track, The Japanese Tea House, theatre, opera, fishing expeditions, and adventures beyond their dreams! During this time of excitement and discovery, David became involved with writing music and recording, fueling many of his future endeavors. His association with artists, musicians, and Holistic Practitioners in the 1970's made the Eastern Sun ACLF, the most potent force of change in Miami Beach.

In 1980, David became the first President of the Ocean Drive Property Owners Association. Throughout this decade, he continued to work with the Elderly, and also to further develop Ocean Drive, along with other Ocean Drive property owners. During his tenure as President, he worked with the City of Miami Beach to improve Lummus Park, with the addition of the New Coral Wall, The Serpentine Walkway, and also participated in the widening of the sidewalks on the West side, as well as all Legislative matters relating to ACLF residences. David advised Barbara Capitman, the matriarch of the Deco District Preservation Movement, helping to guide her through her trials and tribulations in gaining political acceptance of the Deco Movement in Miami Beach.

After operating the Eastern Sun for twelve years, David's interests were merging with the newly created MXE (mixed use entertainment) District in Miami Beach.

In October of 1990, he began the delicate process of moving the Eastern Sun residents, along with their staff, to two other facilities, where many of his innovations were incorporated into a new Vision of Care for the Elderly.

In late 1990, David began to pursue his new dream - converting the residential Eastern Sun Property into a commercial mixed-use of hotel, retail shops, restaurants and a nightclub named Mango's Tropical Cafe, on Ocean Drive. Both The Eastern Sun Shoppes, and Mango's Tropical Cafe, opened in March 1991. Though an early concept for Mango's was a laid back Caribbean Island Rock and Reggae themed Bar, Miami was changing rapidly, as people from Cuba, the Caribbean, and Latin America came to call Miami home. Mango'sattracted culturally diverse employees and great Latin musicians. The sound of Mango's evolved into Afro-Latin Jazz, Salsa, Merengue, and a Brazilian Explosion,! Employees jumped on the bar to dance, and the customers came pouring in.! Soon the staff, many of whom were artists themselves, helped to establish the rich sensual Latin essence and exciting shows that you see at Mango's Tropical Cafe every day and every night.

In the 1990, David went on to become Vice-Chairman of the New Ocean Drive Association, with Tony Goldman as Chairman. This Association has been active in city business, in keeping with the historical, architectural, and tourist elements that enhance the image and popularity of South Beach. David maintains a public presence in all legislative matters affecting Tourism and Hospitality in South Beach, and the continued success of the Nightlife Industry.

In 1998, David partnered with his friend Ross Power, an internationally recognized metal sculptor, who worked out of a cavernous old warehouse in what was then, the very derelict Miami Design District. David loved the place, and kept seeing it as more than just a series of artists' studios. He envisioned a restaurant, nightclub, cinema, and recording studio, and a cutting edge venue for performance art. The aptly named Power Studios opened to the public in 2000 with the Poets Cafe, a gourmet dining room/art gallery, three performance stages, the IANI 32 Track Digital Recording Studio, and a star light movie theatre on the roof top. Power Studios is now used exclusively for private projects, and a re-opening of the nightclub is planned for 2009.

David also takes great pride in his son Joshua, who went from calling the Bingo numbers at The Eastern Sun as a child, to managing the floor in Mango's as it grew into a sensation. Today Joshua is the CEO of his own company, CR Media. David, a partner in CR Media, helped develop a multi year, world-wide deal with The Hertz Corporation and Viacom's Nickelodeon, for the distribution of a Portable Media Player, pre-loaded with 50 hours of Nickelodeon movies and shows, for families renting Hertz vehicles. The Nick on the Go video players are already in 43 airports throughout the United States from coast to coast with international expansion planned throughout the world.

In addition, David and Joshua have also partnered in the retail frozen food business with Mango's Tropical Cafe branded Mambo Chicken Wings. Mango's wings are now in all South Florida Publix grocery stores from Palm Beach to Key West, as well as in ShopRite and A&P supermarkets in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

David and Joshua Wallack, father and son, continue their enthusiastic legacy of imaginative innovation.

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