Fine Art in Mango's Tropical Cafe !

Mango's Tropical Cafe is truly a celebration of artistic splendor, through all the senses. Born in a vision, while David Wallack, owner and artistic director of Mango's, was swimming in the ocean one bright sunny day. Mango's evolved into a showcase of the richness of art in all medias. From the interior walls, draped in the world's largest Haitian mural, titled "Paradise" to the surreal ceilings, paintings, sculptures, and collages, Mango's houses one of the richest collections of Caribbean Art in Miami.

David commissioned the designs and artists for each bar, and the unique atmosphere of each private party room.

As you enter Mango's and feast your eyes on the walls, and ceilings, you will find the primal jungle and dreamy sky. This sky, the two large side bars, and numerous framed paintings, were commissioned by Jude The Genius, better known as Papaloko, whose work is born through trance committed to the material world. His ethereal paintings evoke the heart of the Haitian soul.

On each corner of the main entrance, you will discover the riotous collages of the evolution of Mango's Tropical Cafe as seen through the heart of the Cuban artists, Haydee, Sahara, and Michael Skull. These three-dimensional murals reflect the colors and passion of the Cuban Soul in Miami.

Walking past the main bar to the left, you will discover the Mermaid Bar, designed by our current Haitian artist in residence Renold Marcelin. His art reflects the fanciful lightness of his imagination. His oceans are filled with magical and musical sea creatures celebrating their being. You will find touches of Renold's magic everywhere in Mango's. You must go on a treasure hunt to find them.

Come upstairs to the upper rooms of Mango's to find two distinct new atmospheres, each inspired, and enclosed to keep their secrets till you enter.

To the left is the Mojito Room, inspired by nights in old Havana. You can almost feel the heart of the jungle in the paintings of Cuban artist Humberto Benitez, whose sultry dancers change colors in the high tech light show that pulses with the music. The centerpiece of this room is a wall of copper jungle done by master sculptor, Kim Brandel.

To the right is the Vodou Room, executed by world class Haitian artist Edouard Duval-Carrie. Edouard's work is dark and mysterious. This World-Renowned artist brings forth the power of Vodou in his paintings, collages and sculptures. This room will surely put a spell on you.

I invite you to read the short biographies of our featured artists, and then, come, and experience their magnificent work in Mango's Tropical Cafe, world famous for our music, dancers, Latin and Caribbean show bars, gourmet dining and elixors.


Humberto Benitez
With a rich tradition Cuban Benitez has become the protagonist of the evening indescutible artistic Reef Gables.En its H Benitez Gallery Fine Art, not only can see the power of his art, but also meet with leading figures of culture on all of the music, for the passion he feels great.


Edouard Duval-Carrie
Haitian painting is easily recognizable and known
for its brightly painted,
orderly planted fields,
tropical landscapes and detailed imagery.


Was drawn to the arts at the age of four. He has created commissioned works for private and corporate collections, including murals for the Ritz Plaza Hotel in Miami Beach


Kim Brandell
Started his sculpture career 34 years ago. He began creating copper sculptures in his garage and exhibited his creations at outdoor Arts and Crafts shows.


Scull Sisters
Popular artists Haydee and Sahara Scull, with Haydee's son Miguel, create in a unique style that blends painting and sculpture.


Energized by his homeland of Haiti, Renold finds inspiration from God, whom he feels, has given him a gift that he must use. Everyday.


Jude Papaloko
Better know to some as "Papaloko", Jude is a painter whose work is born through deep meditative trances in which spirits possess the artist and paint on the canvas directly.

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